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We offer the best-skippered charters on the islands. Discover the islands in a way that you have never experienced and make it an unforgettable journey.

Leave the busy lifestyle of the 21st century behind you!

Switch off your mobile and experience the worlds beautiful, breathtaking nature again!

Lay back and let us welcome you aboard Siberia!

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What we sell with our service is a piece of our soul. We will give our best to make your journey an unforgettable experience. Contact us or click below to find out more.

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Lui Pevny

At the age of 16 he rented a small sailingboad on the Danube and found out about his passion for sailing.

Since then he took every chance to be floated on sea, till 1999, when he found Siberia and their story began. Lui sailed already all seven world seas and is equipped with all required Certificates!

Barbara Bauer

Barbara is a dynamic, enthusiastic Sailor with years of experience in sailing, customer care and catering. Internationally trained and certified to satisfy your
travel related matters. Some people find their purpose and live their passion.

Siberia Yacht - Built 1962
Yacht L-50

Siberia was built in 1962 by Cheoy Lee in Hong Kong.
As the last one of six sister ships of the unique Lapworth 50′ Series, she became the perfect
With her length over all of 15,17m, breadth of 3,90m and her double-ended design she shows recognisable Viking dimensions.
Thanks to the Yacht’s wooden hull, you will have an unforgettable sailing experience!